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At a meeting of the members of the Lookout Battery, (commanded by Capt. R. L. Barry.) March 12, 1864, the company having with much enthusiasm re-enlisted for the war, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted, to wit:

WHEREAS, the homes of our fathers and the land of our birth have been ruthlessly invaded by the mercenary soldiery of a despotic government, which has, with demoniac pleasure, in the face of humanity and enlightened sentiment, sanctioned the outrage of our fair daughters and the subjection of our fellow-citizens to a most wanton cruelty, and a vindictive government has precipitated her legions upon us for the avowed purpose of subjugation and conquest, the offspring of puritanic fanaticism, the consummation of which will result in the total demolition of our honored institutions and the reduction of our brave and free people to a most degrading state of vassalage.  Although we deprecate a continuation of hostilities, and are willing at any and all times to accept an honorable peace, upon the basis of separate and independent nationality, still we are unwilling to yield an inch of territory, or sacrifice a single honorable principle.  That the government of the United States has not conducted the present unholy struggle, which she has induced in accordance with the usages of civilized warfare and has not scrupled to use the most barbarous means for the accomplishment of her wicked designs of spoliation and degradation to a great and free people.  Be it

Resolved, That we having united our destiny with that of the Southern cause in the outset of the war, from motives of patriotism alone, and many of us having well nigh served out our time of enlistment without the full accomplishment of the purposes and objects for which we entered the service, (Southern independence.) we do, therefore pledge ourselves to remain in the service of the Confederate States, for, and during the term of the war.

Resolved, That we have a sympathy in in common with our brother Tennesseans, and others, who are exiled from their homes and separated from their families, and separated from their families, and but emulate the example of the soldiers from the proud volunteer State in this act of re-enlisting, and with them renew our pledges of fidelity, and swear never to lay down our arms until we wrench from the bands of our despotic oppressors the boon of freedom and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes and the society of our families.

Resolved, That we believe every true Southern man should battle with energetic vigor until our inalienable rights shall have been secured, and we can transmit to posterity, unblemished, the heritage of a goodly land.

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions be placed upon record on the company book.

Lieut. R. L. WATKINS, Presiding