Sgt. Major JOHN C. ANDERSON (possibly John Calvin Anderson) was born in Tennessee in October 1834 to James C. and Mary Anderson; the family lived in Knox County, Tennessee. Like his father, John C. Anderson was a stonecutter. 

Anderson was among the first men to enlist in the Battery and appears on the first Company roster dated April 4, 1862, as 2nd Sergeant.  He was 27-years old and unmarried.  Anderson was promoted to 1st Sergeant in July-Aug 1862, and Ordnance Sergeant Dec. 1, 1863, and is reported as Sgt. Major on the March-April 1864 roster.  During the capitulation of Spanish Fort, he led the escape of approximately 30 members of the Battery up the Bay to Blakely, where they located skiffs (possibly crude boats made of green lumber for the transport of ordnance between Fort Blakley and Spanish Fort) and rowed across the bay to Mobile.  Sgt. Maj. John C. Anderson was paroled on May 11, 1865, at Meridian, MS, with the other members of the Battery.

In 1867, Anderson married Gertrude, a woman born in New York to German immigrants. They resided in Louisville, Kentucky, and were the parents of two children: Alice, born around 1871; and Clarence Anderson, born in 1876.  John C. Anderson continued working as a stonecutter in Louisville and was a member of the local United Confederate Veterans camp.  His date of death was in 1910 or 1911; the specific date is unknown, as is his burial location.