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The year of 1864 arrived, cold and snowing, on the Lookout Artillery encamped near Canton, Mississippi, in General William W. Loring’s Division. Major John D. Myrick is Gen. Loring’s aide de camp, artillery major, and inspector general. Throughout the months of December and January, the Battery “done nothing but drill & inspect & review.”

A. E. O’Neal, says the Canton Citizen, a private in the Reserve Battery, Myrick’s artillery battalion, was killed on last Monday [January 18] night, by a sentinel of the 34 Mississippi regiment.  We could not learn the particulars of the sad affair.          [Research note: The deceased O’Neal does not appear on any rosters of the Lookout Artillery. He may have been a member of one of the other artillery batteries commanded by Myrick.]

On January 27th, Lt. James Lauderdale was in command of the Battery when the Acting Inspector General inspected the artillery horses.  Several of the animals were deemed “unfit for good service” and turned over to the QM Department.

   List of Public Horses belonging to Lookout Artillery condemned by W. G. Poindexter:

1 horse Clay Bk Hip Dislocation 15 7 Blaze faced
2 horse Bay Blind 15 10 White face
3 horse Bay Blind 16 8 Blaze faced
4 horse Bay Worn out 15½ 12 White hind foot
5 horse Bay Worn out 16 12
6 horse Bay Blind 16 14 Hind feet white*
7 horse Bay Worn out 15 10 Black mane & tail
8 horse Sorrel Worn out 15½ 8 Star in forehead
9 horse Bay Worn out 16½ 14
10 horse Bay Worn out 16 12
11 mare Sorrel Worn out 15½ 8 Star in forehead
12 horse Bay Worn out 16½ 15 White hind foot
13 horse Sorrell Blind & worn out 16½ 10 Blaze faced*
14 horse Bay Worn out 14 12 Blaze faced*
15 horse Bay Worn out 15 12 4 white feet
16 horse Gray Worn out 15½ 16
17 horse Bay Worn out 15½ 15 Bob tail*
18 horse Bay Worn out 15½ 10 Gray mane
19 horse Clay Bk Moon eyed 15½ 9
1 mule Brown Blind 15 20 Ears cropped

I certify the above described* horses was condemned by Lt. W. G. Poindexter A. I. G.

                                                       J. Lauderdale, Lt.

                                                     Comdg Lookout Artillery

            I certify that I inspected and condemned the horses above described and finding them unfit for good service recommended them to be turned over to the A.M. Dept. 

                                                       W.G. Poindexter, Lts. A.I.G.             

On Jan. 28th the troops were reviewed by Lt. General Leonidas Polk.  The month of  January, 1864, ended on the 31st with a forage requisition for 74 animals, with the Lt. James Lauderdale commanding the Battery.

A magnificent review of the troops stationed in this vicinity, took place yesterday, two and a half miles from town.  Lieut-Gen. Polk, Major-Gens. Loring and Forrest, and all the commanding officers filled the measure of their rank, and the solders, who have been much refreshed by remaining in winter quarters, are in fine spirits, health and excellent fighting condition.  Their numbers, too, have very materially increased.  Gov. Harris was one of the distinguished personages present.”                          [The Canton (Miss.) Citizen, Jan. 29, 1864]