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Anthony C. “Tony” Douthit (also shown as Douthitt)
   was one of the earliest members of the Lookout Battery, appearing on the first muster roll dated April 6.  He was born (c.) 1839 in Lincoln County, TN to Ira (a Baptist minister) and Nancy Douthit; he was older than his brother, Jim, by 6 or 7 years.  By the age of 20, he was employed by the railroad, and first enlisted in the Jackson Guard (designated as Co. G, 7th AL Inf.) at Stevenson, AL, in March 1861.  Tony must have been well-known and well-liked, as several of the veterans’ and widows’ pension applications mention his name.

He was captured Sept. 2, 1864, with other members of the Battery.  Refusing to take the Oath, he was sent to Camp Douglass.  March 24, 1865, Tony Douthit became a “galvanized Yankee,” along with Rayford Autrey and William H. Holms/Holmes, enlisting in the US Army 6th Vol. Inf.  The descriptive roll describes him as 5’7½“ tall, with light complexion and blue eyes.

The US Army 6th Vol Inf was sent West to Fort Kearney, NE, where he performed extra duty as teamster, then on to Fort Bridger, U.T., where he performed extra duty in the Quartermaster office.  It was there that Tony ran afoul of the Company’s new Lieutenant, a shady character named Lt. Spaulding.  Until this time, Tony’s US Army career was exemplary.  An altercation occurred between Pvt. Douthit and Lt. Spalding, which resulted in Tony’s arrest on the charge of subordination.

Charges and Specifications against Private A.C. Douthit, Co. F. 6th Regt of U.S. Vols.

            Charges:  Conduct Predjudicial to good order and Military Discipline:

  • Specifications 1st     In this that he, the said Private A.C. Douthit , Co. F. 6th Regt. U.S. Vols, did make use of the following disrespectful language to wit:  “You are a God damned Son of a bitch,” or words to that effect.  He, Private A. C. Douthit, Co. F, 6th Regt U.S. Vols, at the same time meaning 1st Lieut. D. G. Spaulding 6th Regt U.S. Vols.
  • Specifications 2nd       In this that he, the said Private A.C. Douthit , Co. F. 6th Regt U.S. Vols, did make use of the following disrespectful language to wit:  “Lieut. Spaulding you are a God damned Son of a bitch and a damned whore house pimp and I will kill you,” or words to that effect. All this at Fort Bridger U. Terr about the 11th day of July 1866

On July 24, 1866, Tony Douthit escaped confinement and deserted from Fort Bridger, U.T..  What was not known at Fort Bridger was that Lt. Spaulding was discharged by G. O. No. 278 (A.G.O.) Washington, D.C., dated June 13, 1866, for destroying Company Records of his previous command, Co. D, 6th US Vols.  The order was not received by Fort Bridger for several months.  Even though he was already discharged, Spaudling’s commander allowed him to resign Oct. 10, 1866.  It appears Tony Douthit’s assessment of Spaulding’s character was probably accurate.

Tony eventually made his way back to Tennessee, where he appears in the 1880 Census in Lake County, TN, as a laborer.  He married E. Shepherd on March 1, 1882; she was 18 years old, and Tony appears to have shaved a few years off his age, stating he was 35.  He lived at least until 1896, when applied for a US Army pension.  According to family tree information, he and his wife had the following children:  William Douthit, born Nov. 28, 1882, at Hornbeak, TN, died 1945 at Cincinnati, OH; Joseph Franklin Douthit, born August 28, 1884, died Oct. 31, 1966, buried at Crockett Chapel in Tiptonville, TN; and F. L. Douthit, born Aug. 2, 1887.  Tony Douthit’s date and place of death is unknown, but one family member claims he died in November, 1929, in Obion County, TN.  His gravesite has not been located.